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What You’ll Regret

I’ve been having conversations with folks about what kind of legacy they want from their lives and what they desire most. One of the themes I hear is around experiences, for example, “I’d like to travel the world. I think I’d have regret if I got to the end of my life and didn’t travel […]

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Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and Rena

The Impact Hour: Seek First to Understand

On this week’s episode of The Impact Hour we dive into how to really understand other people. Everyone has a deep need to be seen, heard and understood. So when you really make the effort to understand other people, they will really appreciate it and value your relationship highly. Plus, it’s just really great for […]

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Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and Rena

The Impact Hour: Unchained Men

On this week’s episode of The Impact Hour, we interview a group called Unchained Men. As men, we are often left to figure out life on our own. We learn that we need to be tough, self-reliant, and strong. We get backward ideas about what it means to lead, so we either become pushy and […]

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How to Make Change in the New Year

Now that it’s a new year, many folks are looking to set goals, make new commitments and change things. If you want this year to be better than the last, here are a few things to consider. 1. Change in Your Life Requires Change in You There’s an old saying, “Insanity is doing the same […]

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Merry Christmas

Perhaps this Christmas you are stressed out. Maybe the bills are piling up. Perhaps you are experiencing loss. Maybe you are feeling lonely. Or maybe things are going OK for you. Perhaps this Christmas is feeling a little “ho hum” – you’ve been there done that, and it’s feeling a little mundane. Whatever you are […]

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The Anatomy of Conflict

Conflict in relationships is pretty much unavoidable. But what causes conflict, just a difference of opinion? A whole lot of conflict runs deeper than just disagreeing. Let’s dive into the anatomy of conflict. Inside Conflict The main thing to recognize is that in most conflict, each person is really not reacting to the other person, […]

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Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and Rena

The Impact Hour: How to Be More Influential

Do you want to be more influential? Do you want to influence your kids? Spouse or significant other? Coworkers or customers? Friends? In this episode of The Impact Hour, we explore what you can do to be more influential with the people around you.Click here to listen. For example, when you want to change the […]

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