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A judge's gavel

The Effects of Judging

I found myself judging. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I tried to shift my energy, to at least control my voice, but it wasn’t enough. The judgement oozed out in my intonation and the damage was done. Our 17-year old was in Sacramento with his friends and the other […]

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woman with her hands to her face looking stressed out

Managing Christmas Stress

Got stress? Many people experience a lot of extra stress this time of year. There are just so many things to do–parties to attend or even host, cards to buy, write and send, gifts to buy and wrap, the house to prepare or travel plans to arrange… The list just goes on. But you don’t […]

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Are You Judging Yourself?

Are you judging yourself? I am. And it’s not a good thing. In fact, I was unaware of how harshly and how frequently and how in so many ways I’ve been judging myself. I asked my coach for some guidance on a coaching package John and I are considering offering. I asked for her help […]

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Mother talking to girl

Talk with Your Inner Child

I saw an awesome post on Facebook on what to say to your child. This is some practical stuff you can use to build up your own children. Interestingly, the post was modified from it’s original to suggest you use these phrases to talk to your inner child, too. It’s a way to re-parent our […]

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woman with her hands up protectively

The Benefit of the Doubt

Do you sometimes doubt the good intentions of other people? Does it seem like sometimes people are out to get you? Do you think they are out to harm you? I’m not talking about paranoia here. I’m talking about simply interpreting the behaviors of other people. When someone does something that hurts our feelings, it’s […]

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lightning bolt

Supercharge Your Marriage

Here’s a great way to supercharge your marriage. It’s a little radical and a little different from the norm. But it’s based on our own experience of what really boosted our marriage. Discover your purpose and live your calling–together. Most self help marriage stuff keeps people focused on the problem. What’s going wrong? What do […]

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