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Our life and our money are intertwined. If you looked and found my finances to be chaotic, you could correctly assume that my life is chaotic as well. Under this category, we talk about being intentional with money so we will have money for our calling.


A Great Gift to Give

As we approach the gift giving season, you may be looking for some good ideas for gifts. I usually re-post a list I created for Steam Engine Financial Coaching years ago. If you want to see the full list of Inexpensive Gifts, you can click here. This year, though, I thought I would focus instead […]

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Money Represents

Some people get kind of weird around money. They think it’s dirty or wrong. Some people believe you can only get it by taking it away from other people. Here is a refreshing take on what money represents. I’ve been rereading Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s book, “Thou Shalt Prosper.” He clearly maintains that money simply represents […]

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10 Ways to Get More Money

Having money provides more options for living are calling. Of course, having a higher-paying job helps a lot. Following are some other tips for having more money and, therefore, more options and living your calling. Use some good, old-fashioned money management techniques 1. Use a zero-based written monthly spending plan. 2. Use cash envelopes for […]

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