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Living in our strengths and passions to make the world a better place is ultimately satisfying. Under this category, we talk about how to align our lives with our strengths, passions, values and life experience. In short, we talk about how to live our calling.

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Results of a calling

At Simply Great Lives, we are ultimately concerned about the results of a calling rather than the specifics of doing the work. When we talk about a calling, we aren’t just talking about some activities. Activities like volunteering, donating, giving, serving, leading, and helping can all be really nice activities. These activities can make the […]

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Thank You

Thanks to You

Take a moment to consider who have been the most influential people in your life. Who has really made a difference to you?? Maybe someone helped you through a rough time. Perhaps  someone taught you a valuable lesson. It might be someone  who simply believed in you. Next,since these people had such an impact, consider […]

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The Experience of Living Our Calling

Our personal experience of life is truly amazing when we find and live our calling. Let’s compare the experience of life with our calling and life without our calling. Life Without Our Calling When we haven’t found our calling, it may be that we’ve not found something that uses our strengths at least a little […]

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Have You Painted Someone Today?

Will the result of our life be buried with us? Sometimes we don’t think about the result of our life. We just go through life responding to what comes up, all the while working to make ourselves happy. We pursue happiness, but I believe we are really seeking satisfaction. We often get confused between happiness and satisfaction. […]

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Venn Diagram of a Calling: Intersection of Strengths, Passions, and a Meaningful Impact

You Have a Calling

You have a calling. Really. You do. Some people believe a calling only comes directly from God as an assignment. Other folks believe only professional ministers have a calling. In everyday life, we’ll even use phrases like, “You’ve found your calling,” or “this is definitely not my calling.” But what exactly do we mean by […]

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