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two directional signs: one says "same" and the other says "change"

This Blog is Changing

We are changing this blog a little and want to let you know what to expect. We are going from three emails to two emails per week. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that we send out too many emails. We want to continue providing you plenty of useful information that supports you in making […]

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Hands holding light representing a miracle.

A Miracle

I experienced a miracle last week. I walked to the grocery store to get a few items. It was raining lightly so I was carrying an umbrella. After a while, the wind made the umbrella difficult to manage. so I put it away and pulled the hood of my coat over my head. I was […]

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No one who does great things started off doing great things in the beginning. Instead, they used steppingstones to get where they are today. If you have a big dream in life but can’t possibly see how you’ll get there, take heart. There are steppingstones that can help get you there. At Simply Great Lives, […]

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No New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again to make new years resolutions. It seems like every year we set new years resolutions that last only for a month or two. I think this type of goal setting actually does more harm than good. The reason this does more harm is that we set a pattern of […]

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bunch of bananas

Thanks a Bunch!

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to give thanks. To change things up a bit, I wanted to thank you on behalf of Simply great Lives. I’m grateful for all the people who read this blog. I’m thankful that you are willing to explore the ideas we express here. And I’m glad you […]

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A Great Gift to Give

As we approach the gift giving season, you may be looking for some good ideas for gifts. I usually re-post a list I created for Steam Engine Financial Coaching years ago. If you want to see the full list of Inexpensive Gifts, you can click here. This year, though, I thought I would focus instead […]

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Mouse holding cheese

Motivation: Pleasure vs. Pain

Did you know that pleasure motivates us better than pain does? Understanding this simple principle can help us a lot. When we have a good source of motivation, we can accomplish more. And there are so many ways we can find to use pleasure as a motivator instead of pain. Check it out.   Here’s […]

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