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bunch of bananas

Thanks a Bunch!

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to give thanks. To change things up a bit, I wanted to thank you on behalf of Simply great Lives. I’m grateful for all the people who read this blog. I’m thankful that you are willing to explore the ideas we express here. And I’m glad you […]

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A Great Gift to Give

As we approach the gift giving season, you may be looking for some good ideas for gifts. I usually re-post a list I created for Steam Engine Financial Coaching years ago. If you want to see the full list of Inexpensive Gifts, you can click here. This year, though, I thought I would focus instead […]

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Mouse holding cheese

Motivation: Pleasure vs. Pain

Did you know that pleasure motivates us better than pain does? Understanding this simple principle can help us a lot. When we have a good source of motivation, we can accomplish more. And there are so many ways we can find to use pleasure as a motivator instead of pain. Check it out.   Here’s […]

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Obstacle Course

3 Keys to Overcome Obstacles

I am no stranger to obstacles. I have always had a vision impairment. In 2013 I lost almost all the central vision that I had. Suddenly, I couldn’t do some of the most basic things like using my cell phone.   With a lot of determination and some good training and support, I learned to do […]

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Family playing a board game

Meet Jane Impact

Mrs. Jane Impact shows us a mistake many people make in life. She focuses her whole life on raising her children. She’s all about being a mom. Don’t get me wrong, raising kids well is an important job. It’s a responsibility that has an incredibly deep and long lasting impact on those lives.   However, maintaining […]

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Escher stairs

Steps: A Blind Dream

My weekly business networking meeting was done and I said good-bye to everyone. But I didn’t arrange a ride home. So I started walking. It was going to be a really long walk. Next thing I know, the intersection required a maze of stairs and the sidewalks were very confusing. Suddenly my white cane broke. […]

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Breaking News

7 Reasons to Skip the News

Many years ago I found that the news was really getting me down. I cut it out of my life almost 15 years ago. I believe my life is better because of that decision. I encourage you to consider the following reasons why perhaps you should skip the news too. 1. It is designed to […]

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brick wall

Overcoming Obstacles

Do you have any obstacles standing in your way? If you’re not getting the results in life you’re hoping for, maybe there’s an obstacle you need to overcome. Before any of us can take on an obstacle that’s holding us back, we’ll need to identify it and get clear on what we’re up against. I […]

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