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Magnifying glass to show people their impact

Show People Their Impact

When people negatively impact us, we should let them know how they’ve affected us. If we don’t, we are often giving them power over us by dwelling on what happened. Cluing them in on how they impact us not only is a great release for us. It also gives them valuable feedback they likely won’t […]

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A Different Kind of Leadership

We often think of a leader as being the person at the front of the room, the one calling the shots. I’ve heard, though, that it’s possible to lead from the back of the room, too. What if there is still another form of leadership that could really apply to everyone? I am learning that […]

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How to Have Fewer Regrets in Life

Regrets are a bummer. Nobody wants them. So what can you do to have fewer regrets in life? Do stuff. That’s as opposed to not doing stuff. Researchers at Cornell university found that only 25% of people said they regretted doing something, but 75% said they regretted not doing something. Some of the most common regrets […]

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Pile of picture frames

Spin Doctor: Re-frame Stories to Better Serve You

When we re-frame stories that are holding us back in life, we can reclaim a significant amount of emotional energy. Then we can redirect that energy to ward something positive and more productive in life. Here’s the deal: an event happens. Then we create a story around that event. Oftentimes, we add interpretations about why […]

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emotional intelligence 2.0 book

Emotional Intelligence: Your Key to Happiness and Wealth?

Today I am recommending the book, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves. The authors list three major influencers of human behavior: Personality IQ (traditional intelligence) Emotional intelligence The first two factors are generally not amenable to change. A person’s personality tends to be stable over time. IQ is typically the same at […]

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6 Words to Reclaim Your Power

Do you want to reclaim your power in your life? Use this tool to eliminate victim thinking by changing the stories you tell yourself and other people. Big thanks to Tracey Trottenberg of Amazing Women International for this gem. “Up until now… in the process…” It’s simple. All you have to do is filling the […]

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