The Impact Hour: How to Be More Hearable

Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and RenaOn this week’s episode of The Impact Hour, you will learn how to help people hear you better. Isn’t it nice when people listen to you, actually hear what you are saying and maybe even respond by doing what you want? You can learn to be more hearable. Click here to listen.

Here’s a great tip for being more hearable: let go of any judgment before you talk. When I say “judgment,” I mean that you are making something or someone wrong or bad. That attitude or belief seeps out and is perceived by the other person and it makes them want to disregard what you are saying. Check it out…

You can say the same thing two very different ways. Imagine you are irritated with someone because they’ve had a pattern of waiting until there’s a real problem before they do something. With that irritation in your heart and mind, let out an exasperated sigh, kind of roll your eyes, cross your arms and ask that person, “Do you WANT to wait until there’s a problem?” With the extra emphasis on the word “want” it’ll be extra clear that’s the wrong answer for them to choose.

OK, I recognize that the judgment might not be so blatant. Trust me, though, it will come out nonetheless.

On the other hand, coming from a place of compassion, knowing that the person is doing the very best they can and are on a life journey of learning just like you, imagine that whatever they pick is truly OK with you. Ask, “Do you want to wait until there is a problem?” without any preference of the answer. That’s hearable. The question with the judgment is not.

In this episode of The Impact Hour, you’ll learn more about letting go of judgment to help people hear you better. You’ll learn a lot of other things you can do to be more hearable. Click here to listen and give these techniques a try with family, friends and coworkers. It really works!

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