Guest Blogging Policy

A web site that contains advice from five different dietitians each with a differing philosophy is going to be rather confusing for the readers. They will read disparate advice, often conflicting from each of these diet experts. So readers will see: Exercise hard for a short time, Exercise easy for longer periods of time, Drink coffee, Don’t drink coffee, Don’t eat carbs including fruit. Don’t eat meat, etc.


Our web site provides content that is consistent with just one set of philosophies. For example, we will tell people to set goals for themselves. If you want to write a guest post that tells people to just wait and see what emerges, that’s not going to work on our site.

Here is a list of our top philosophies that we use:

  • Our willpower and self discipline grows tired. We adjusting our environment to make it easier.
  • We are not victims of circumstances. We have choices.
  • There are lots and lots of options for every situation.
  • We are better off when we know the essence of what we want rather than latching on to a specific solution.
  • We should begin with the end in mind rather than creating a lot of activity and seeing what happens.
  • Planning is never finished and the doing needs to start early.
  • Debt is a bad thing, and we don’t need debt except for maybe our house – really.
  • Our individual behavior trumps statistics and math.
  • We are better off when we focus on and improve our strengths than our weaknesses.
  • Leaders are readers.
  • Failure is a good thing when we learn from it.
  • Everyone has something to contribute to the world.

Before submitting a request to guest blog on our site check our top philosophies. For example, don’t request to guest blog on how to get student loans.


We also focus our content on just three areas:

  • Signifficance (discovering and pursing a calling)
  • Leadership
  • Personal finances

Anything we write about comes under the lens of one of these three topics. If you want to guest blog on our site, it must relate to these topics. Related topics such as: Success in Work, Success in Life, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Charitable Organizations or Happiness, for example are OK topics. Topics such as: Hiking Trails, Global Warming, iDevices, or The Public School System, for example, are not OK topics for this site.

Guest Blog Links

If you are approved to submit a guest blog, you may place a link back to your site if the link is clearly of interest to our followers. For example, if your guest post links to a site that helps people with time management, most of our followers will be interested. If instead, your guest post links to an online gambling site, this will be considered spam.

How to Guest Blog

  1. If we don’t know you, the first thing you should do is build a relationship with us. Follow our blog. Comment on our posts. Invite us to follow your work. After making a connection it should be pretty clear if guest blogging makes sense.
  2. Offer to be a guest blogger, outlining the benefit to our followers and the benefit you hope to receive.