Accept Our Life Or Lead Our Life?

Leadership: 6 People in business attireDo we lead our life or do we just accept our life?

Accept Our Life

When we just accept our life, we use a thought process like: “I have to ____.”

We let circumstances or others direct our life. We avoid personal responsibility and we get to avoid blame, as we aren’t the ones who are ultimately responsible for the outcome. One drawback is that anyone with our skills can replace us, as skills are all we are contributing.

Lead Our Life

When we lead our life, we use a thought process like: “I choose to _____.”

When we lead, we don’t get to duck blame. However, we become a driving force in the outcome. Instead of things happening to us, when we show up, we happen to the world around us.

Leading and Our Calling

To live our calling, we need to get into the practice of leading our life. Otherwise, we will ever be accepting other’s plans for us, and we will not be living our calling.

Our calling is unique to us. It will be highly unlikely that we will land in our calling by following others’ direction. Others won’t have our unique perspective on life or our passions, and they won’t approach the world with our strengths. They can’t lead us in our calling.

Accepting or Blending

It may seem that our choice is to either accept other’s direction or lead our calling independently – that we must pursue our calling by ourself, and we can never work together. But these aren’t the only two choices. Instead, we can blend our callings. We can blend our leadership so we are co-authoring solutions. We take equal ownership for results. Neither one is a in a mode of just accepting.

What about you? In what areas of your life are you just accepting? In what areas of your life are you leading?



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