Carrot Cake Kisses

Package of Carrot Cake Kisses“They’re carrot cake Kisses,” the nice lady at the chamber of commerce mixer said as I pulled some candy from the basket on her table.

I thought maybe I didn’t hear her correctly. “Excuse me?”I asked.

“They’re carrot cake Kisses,” She repeated.

I decided to try one for myself. “Hm,” I let out. “That’s interesting.”

She made a comment about the cream cheese flavor and I finished gathering a few other candies for our two teenage boys. They love it when I bring home a booty from these business mixer events. I always get two of everything exactly–so they won’t fight over who gets what.

When I got home, I spread out the goodies on the dining room table. I made two identical piles. My older son came first to collect the sweet treats. I mentioned that the Kisses weren’t the usual chocolate, but were carrot cake Kisses instead.

“What?” he asked.

So I repeated myself. “They are carrot cake Kisses.”

He smoothly slid the foil-wrapped candy over to his brother’s pile. “No thanks. That’s weird.”

I have to admit that carrot cake is an unusual flavor for what usually is chocolate or a variation of chocolate. What’s next, PB & J Kisses?

On the other hand, I want to congratulate Hershey’s for breaking out and trying something new. Part of my and my son’s apprehensive response was simply that the new flavor is such a break from the norm. But innovation will have it’s wildly successful outcomes and it’s flops. I guess you can’t have the wins without the losses. But at least Hershey’s is willing to try new things which brings the possibility of something new and great.

When was the last time you tried something new. Is it time to give something a whirl? Do you want to acquire a new skill, try a new look or expand your investments? Do you want to find a new way to express yourself? Do you want to stretch yourself and make a difference in a way you’ve never done before?

I can certainly appreciate if trying on something new–a behavior, habit or something else–is uncomfortable. At Simply Great Lives, we’re expanding what we teach and offer. At the event tonight, we hardly had the words to express it to people in a casual business mixer. And that’s OK. It’s OK to take time to work through the awkwardness of expansion and change.

So, if you can, be willing to try new things, even though it’s uncomfortable at first. That’s normal. Who, knows, maybe you’ll love what you try. And maybe the Hershey’s carrot cake Kiss will be a huge hit. We just can’t know until we try.


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