Rock Your Goals with Creativity

Many different colored arrows coming out of a person's headCreativity is a powerful means to achieving your most desired goals in life. Of course, finding creative options is a great thing, too. But in this blog, we’re going to explore creativity–specifically,imagination–as a means to help you achieve those goals.

What is a goal you want to achieve that’s really important to you? Perhaps something to do with your health? Finances? Business? Relationships? Take some time to get really clear on what it’ll be like to achieve that goal? How will you know you’ve achieved it? Is it a certain moment? Is there a specific number? Does something specific happen?

Now is where the real creativity comes in. Imagine what everything will be like when you’ve achieved that goal. Physically, how do you feel? What do you see? Include as many details as possible. What sounds do you hear? Any smells or tastes? Using all your senses is powerful.  Now imagine what it’ll be like when you have achieved that goal. Imagine it clearly and regularly and your subconscious will get to work on your behalf to make it happen. And you will begin to make choices that are more in alignment with that goal, too. That’s how you can make it happen!

I learned this technique from Deidre Trudeau from Creative to the Core. She was a guest on our radio show, The Impact Hour. She shared how creatively imagining her desired goal made it possible to get it done. So you can use this powerful tool to help you achieve your goals in life, too.

Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and RenaIf you’d like to hear the interview with Deidre on creativity, click here to listen to this week’s episode of The Impact Hour. You can listen to past recordings at You can even subscribe to The Impact Hour as a podcast on iTunes, Google Play and more.


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