Blossoming People

Blossoming people are people who encourage and inspire others to blossom. When we want to make a lasting impact in the world, becoming a blossoming person can go a long ways.

One great way to cultivate and blossom people is to catch them when they’re doing something good and praise them for that.

For me, when I’m around someone who constantly corrects, and criticizes, I feel judged harshly, and I want to give up. I want to tell them, “Ok fine, you do it. I’ll go somewhere else where I’m appreciated.” But on the other hand, when I’m around someone who constantly calls out the things I’m doing right, I am inspired to do even better.

I remember this one boss that I had. He often pointed out the good qualities in me, he told me what he liked about me, and he said things like, “I can always trust that you will figure things out and do a good job.” I did my best work for him and for that company.

Even though being encouraged works really great for me, I sometimes don’t remember to do that for other people. I appreciate the reminders on how important it is to praise other people.

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