How to Remove the 3 Most Common Barriers to Living a Calling

chain link fence gate locked with a chain and padlockAt Simply Great Lives, we guide people through a 7-step process to live their calling beyond a career. The first few steps remove barriers to living a calling so they can begin the exploration process.

Many people believe it is not possible for them to live their calling. They often say one or more of the following concerns are holding them back:

  • time: people are just too busy and can’t imagine squeezing in one more thing
  • energy: people are stressed out and exhausted at the end of the day, so all they want to do is to space out
  • money: people  are in debt, money is tight and they are really worried about it

Therefore, we designed the first few of our 7 Steps to help people overcome these obstacles.


People can free up some time by deciding in advance how they want to use their time. When people decide in the moment what they want to do, they tend to choose fun stuff over working toward their goals. People may need to give up some commitments or find  ways to use their time more efficiently. Many people could free up 10 hours a week or more by simply cutting back on TV,social media or electronic games.


People need to build a solid support system and spend less time with negative people. If they have energy-draining situations in their lives, , they need to adjust the situation so it doesn’t suck up so much energy. It could be anything from a stressful job to marital problems to living in an unsafe neighborhood. Some creative problem-solving can work wonders for reclaiming the energy that’s going to these problematic situations.


The stress that comes from money problems is enough to keep most people from even getting started on this journey. To improve finances, people can use a  monthly budget. A budget is just a tool to help people decide in advance how they want to use their income  before they start spending any of it. Once they are in control of their spending, people can pay off their debts and save up cash for emergencies. The sense of security that comes from doing these things is huge; it really can’t be overstated. Having this sense of security enables people to explore and try new things when necessary as they work to determine and live their calling.

When people charge ahead without first removing these barriers to living a calling, they are setting themselves up for limited results and, more than likely, a lot of frustration. At Simply Great Lives, we set people up for success. We want people to go beyond just finding their calling, we want them to really live it, too.

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