The Impact Hour: Natural Medicine with Dr. Lanzarotta

Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and RenaYour health is important. It affects not only your quality of life but also your capacity to have a positive impact on other people. Dr. Lanzarotta has over 30 years experience in chiropractic and natural medicine. Hear from her tips to stay healthy and live a vibrant life. This is a re-play of her interview on The Impact Hour that aired earlier this Spring. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s really helpful! And it’s even worth re-listening to. Click here to listen.

Here’s a quick glimpse at one of the topics she covers in the show. Dr. L. explains the relationship between seasonal allergies and food allergies. did you know that eating foods you are allergic to can exasperate your seasonal allergies? She explains it and offers helpful advice on a variety of other health topics. Check it out!

I’ve been particularly impressed with Dr. L. because she’s helped me and my family with several different concerns that our traditional doctors hadn’t been so helpful with. For example, I brought my teenage son to her because he wasn’t getting enough sleep, complaining that it took hours to get to sleep after going to bed. Dr. L. quickly identified the antibiotic he was taking to treat acne as disrupting the gut flora which affected the brain’s natural ability to go to sleep. She prescribed a probiotic and a brain-support supplement and he was quickly back to normal and getting enough sleep again. If you can imagine having a sleep deprived teenager at the end of his rope finally sleeping again, maybe you can imagine my relief as a mom. Thanks, Dr. L.!

I appreciate her holistic approach and thorough understanding of the complex interactions between the different systems in our bodies. I’m glad to provide  the opportunity for you to hear from her yourself.

Dr. L. is offering a free 15 minute consultation to The Impact Hour listeners, just mention this show at your appointment. You can schedule online at or call (530) 889-9359. Her office is located in Rocklin, California. She works with patients locally and by phone.



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