The Impact Hour: Unchained Men

Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and RenaOn this week’s episode of The Impact Hour, we interview a group called Unchained Men.

As men, we are often left to figure out life on our own. We learn that we need to be tough, self-reliant, and strong. We get backward ideas about what it means to lead, so we either become pushy and overbearing or we withdraw and become passive. We aren’t taught how to feel feelings productively, and we hide our vulnerabilities.

In my own journey, I have struggled with and learned to be more vulnerable. I have learned to be more open and inviting in my conversations with people. And I’ve learned to stop putting my past into a “box” where I just don’t deal with it.

In this episode, we talk about what it really means to be a man and how men can step up, connect more deeply and come alive. Find out what it means to be an unchained man. Even if you are not a man, you can still check it out and encourage the men in your life.

Click here to listen.



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