Oh No! Here it Comes Again – Your Repeating Problem

Have you ever been in a situation where there was a problem and your thought was, “Oh man! This again?” I have. I remember being at work and having yet more conflict. Others at work seemed to get along, but not me. No matter where I worked, I seemed to always have at least one challenging coworker that created conflict. I remember being so frustrated with this repeating problem and wondering, “Why does this keep happening to me?”

Most of us have a repeating problem or two that keeps showing up in our life. What is your repeating problem?

Maybe your repeating problem appears at work. Maybe the same themes keep coming up in your job evaluations. Or perhaps clients leave sooner than you’d like in your business. You might have a repeating problem around others not understanding you. Maybe you repeatedly feel like you are not heard and valued, or you are constantly overlooked. Maybe you feel like people abandon you, and it’s hard to keep good friends.

What would it be like if your recurring problem went away? How much easier would it be to get the promotion or keep more clients? How much joy would you experience if you didn’t have these nagging conflicts in your relationships?

The truth is that these recurring problems keep coming up for a reason. We have something unresolved, or we have worn habitual patterns in the way we automatically respond and react. In conscious or not so conscious ways we prod and provoke these recurring problems to appear in our life – problems that we don’t want.

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