Thanks to You

You can be one of those influential people and people will thank you!

Take a moment to consider who have been the most influential people in your life. Who has really made a difference to you?? Maybe someone helped you through a rough time. Perhaps  someone taught you a valuable lesson. It might be someone  who simply believed in you.

Next,since these people had such an impact, consider how your life might have been different without them. How might you be different today if they hadn’t been there?

Here are some of the influential people I’ve had in my life:

  • Mrs. Reed, my high school English teacher, taught me to love writing and how to encourage other people in their writing.
  • Marcel, my ex-boyfriend, gave me good news when I needed it most: God loves me and Jesus died so my mistakes aren’t held against me any more.
  • PJ, my graduate school field instructor and mentor, believed in me before I believed in my own abilities.
  • Dr. Seeger, my psychiatrist, gave me my life back when she got me on the `right antidepressants.
  • Vicki, my mobility instructor, took away my fear of losing more vision by teaching me how to get around while wearing a sleep shade.
  • Dave Ramsey taught me and John how to manage our money together which revolutionized our marriage.
  • Brian Sharp, our business coach, was willing to ask us the tough questions.
  • Brian Klemmer, though I didn’t meet him when he was alive, established a phenomenal leadership training program, and had the boldness to have a plan for it that lived beyond his own life.

At a Klemmer & Associates training I recently attended, Jim Stovall, a motivational speaker, shared with us participants an exceptional point of view. He told us that, although he is blind, he has vision. In his vision of us, he didn’t just see us, he saw the hundreds or thousands of people behind us whose lives we will significantly influence.

That’s what I want you to consider today: the many people who will be missing out if you don’t step up and live your calling. The decision to find and live your calling ultimately isn’t about you. It’s about all the people whose lives will be significantly and positively different, thanks to you.

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