Your Life’s Work

Have you thought about what might be your life’s work? What is your main contribution to the world? How would you rate your contribution to the world?

What you do for yourself, dies with you. What you do for others, lives on.

What would you like to live on after your time here on Earth?


There are several barriers that get in the way of creating your life’s work. One of the biggest barriers to intentionally creating your life’s work is taking the path of least resistance. I know I’ve done this. I’ve taken the easy path. The path that upsets the least number of people. I’ve given “grease” to the “squeaky wheel” and then gone back to watch TV.

I’ve gotten into such a reactionary mode that I believed I had very few if any choices at all. I believed that if I were to do something different or significant, that it was up to someone else to open the door for me or give me permission.

I’ve learned the truth, though, that my life is my life. I ultimately am responsible for how it goes. Others can do or say things, but ultimately I get to choose. And I’ve learned that “the right time” will never arrive for me to step into a significant endeavor. No one will give their permission. They aren’t even thinking about the life’s work I want to create. So the time to start is now.

I’ve learned that at the end of life you will regret the things you didn’t do far more than the things you did.

Getting More

If you’d like to learn more about creating your life’s work and the barriers that get in the way, check out our latest radio show/podcast episode where we cover this topic in more detail. You can listen here.


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