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Giving Gift Card: Hands Passing Gift Card

Help That Harms Us

Last time we talked about help that harms the recipient. Today we will talk about help that harms us, the giver. Sometimes outside influences result in harmful helping, but sometimes we are the culprits. Here are a few indicators that our generosity might be harming ourselves. 1. We feel guilty for not giving When we […]

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Giving a Drunk a Drink

Help That Harms

Sometimes we give help that harms the other person. We think we’re helping, but what we’re doing is more like giving a drunk a drink. We have discovered a cause about which we are passionate, and we want to make a difference, but if we’re not careful, our help can do more harm than good. […]

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screwy nail and hammer

5 Steps to Better Problem-Solving

Problem-solving can be tough. Have you ever struggled with finding a good solution to a difficult problem? Hammering a crooked nail is no fun. There has to be other options. The Problem with Problems In problem solving,  there are more potential solutions than people realize. People often inadvertently limit themselves to just one or two […]

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Apples spilling from basket

Results of a calling

At Simply Great Lives, we are ultimately concerned about the results of a calling rather than the specifics of doing the work. When we talk about a calling, we aren’t just talking about some activities. Activities like volunteering, donating, giving, serving, leading, and helping can all be really nice activities. These activities can make the […]

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Not a leader: Man with hands on face looking sad

What If I’m Not A Leader?

We hear things like, “Leaders or born, not made.” So, when we talk about needing leadership skills to live our calling, some of us may be wondering, “What if I’m not a leader?” Everyone is a Leader (or can be) One thing I want to make sure we understand is that just about everyone is […]

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Leadership: Keyboard key with the word leadership on it

3 Key Elements of Leadership

There are many ideas floating around about leadership. Sometimes focusing on the key elements of an idea helps bring clarity and understanding. Here are 3 key elements of leadership. Influence John Maxwell defines leadership as influence. We agree that influence is a big part of leadership. Sometimes we confuse leadership with authority. When someone is […]

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Thank You

Thanks to You

Take a moment to consider who have been the most influential people in your life. Who has really made a difference to you?? Maybe someone helped you through a rough time. Perhaps  someone taught you a valuable lesson. It might be someone  who simply believed in you. Next,since these people had such an impact, consider […]

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