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Systems Thinking

When pursuing our calling it’s important to have an understanding that we will be interacting with not just a single organization or group of people, but there is a whole system. Systems thinking means we understand that there are many things influencing a situation. Often times there are reinforcing or limiting feedbacks in the system […]

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heart attack

Two Questions We Should Ask

In 2005, when I was in my late thirties, I had a heart attack. In the month or so leading up to the heart attack, I was starting to exhibit the classic symptoms – pain radiating down the shoulders, achiness in my jaw and between my shoulder blades. But I didn’t know what they were. […]

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Activity Does Not Equal Results

So often we just get caught up in the activity that we don’t look up to see the results we are producing. When we’re not careful in checking the results, we can find ourselves really busy but not producing the results we want. The activity does not equal the results. This can be true as […]

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1000 Simply Great Lives

We are excited to change lives! Our book is almost done, our first webinar class is going great and our home study kit (book, workbook and videos) will be available early next year. We want to help as many people as we can to find their purpose in life and to live their legacy. Our […]

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alexander the great

What Makes a Great Life?

Think of three great people, maybe from history or maybe from your own life. Maybe you picked Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony, Mahatma Gandhi, your uncle Frank, or the clerk at the convenience store down the street. Most likely, the people you picked lived on purpose, not by accident. Living One’s […]

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Thinking statue

Where is our attention focused?

When all the hubbub of life fades to the background where do our thoughts go? Maybe for us, this is when we’re driving. Or maybe, it’s what we’re thinking about when we first wake up or go do sleep. Where is our attention focused? Where our thoughts go in these in-between spaces tells a lot […]

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Doesn't let go: baby holding onto adult finger.

Our calling doesn’t let go

Sometimes it’s difficult to discover our calling. We look at our current life and we can’t fathom it being any different than it is. So, we look around. We try a few purpose statements on, but nothing seems to fit. Won’t Let Go One way to discover our calling is to look for a theme […]

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life without our calling is like a fog: Foggy forrest

Not living our calling is …

Not living our calling is probably pretty normal for a lot of us, so it might be hard to compare this to what life looks like when we’ve found our calling. Let me highlight some of my experience of life before discovering and living my calling. Unsatisfying Life before I discovered my calling was unsatisfying. […]

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Save Money, Seriously

Word Play to Separate You from Your Money There seems to be some confusion these days about what it means to “save money.” Over time, retailers have altered a more old-fashioned definition to give the impression that a buyer will be better off financially if they make a certain purchase. Let’s explore some possible definitions. […]

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