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Venn Diagram of a Calling: Intersection of Strengths, Passions, and a Meaningful Impact

Your Calling is Gonna be Awesome

Your calling is going to be awesome! When you figure out what your calling is, it’ll make perfect sense to you. It’ll be just the right fit. And it’s going to be really exciting! At Simply Great Lives, we define a calling as “the unique way we combine our strengths and passions to impact people’s […]

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A Clean Slate For 2014

People talk about the new year being a clean slate, but it’s not really, if we’re hanging on to “stuff.” The new year can be a clean slate, if we want it to be. Now is a good time to assess our “slate” and see if there’s anything we want to clear before we get […]

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Super Hero

What is Your Super Power?

Movies based on comic book characters are popular theses days. We watch movies about Superman, Batman, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and more. What makes these characters superheros is that they have super powers. If we were to ask each of them what their super power is, we might get answers like: I turn into […]

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Playing It Safe] It’s really easy to want to play it safe in life. Why not? Every one else is. So we play it safe in many different areas–in our career, where we live, and how we invest, to name just a few. But by playing it safe, our lives will have a very limited impact. Because […]

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Merry and Bright

On this day of gift-giving and receiving, let’s celebrate the best gift of all: God’s incredible love for us expressed in His son. Happy Birthday, Jesus! In the upcoming year, we pray that your life will be a blessing–a real gift–for many people whose lives will never be the same because of you! John and […]

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reading braille

When Life Happens

Sometimes we have our plans all set and we’re ready to go, then life happens. it’s impossible to avoid. We might as well plan on having it happen at some point when we are working on our calling. It requires some flexibility. I know about it from my own experience. I have non-age-related macular degeneration. […]

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