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The Matrix

Are We Living in the Matrix?

Are we living in the matrix? Systems can be a lot like the matrix in the movie, The Matrix. We live inside these systems every day and often we are completely unaware of them. These systems are inside us, including me. Whenever I am resistant change, there is an internal system at work. A company […]

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System: Baby Mobile

Increasing Our Impact: Systems Thinking

We all live in systems, but we don’t normally think about the systems in which we operate. If we want to pursue our calling and increase our impact in the world, it is important that we operate from a mindset of systems thinking. In it’s simplest form, a system is a circle of causality. A […]

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Failure is Under-rated

People act like failure is a bad thing, like it’s the worst thing in the world. We hear about “epic fails” and “colossal failures” all the time. In fact, I used to think, “I’d rather die than fail.” The Benefits of Failure It’s a huge misunderstanding, though. It turns out that failure is a good […]

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Make a Difference This Holiday Season

Angel trees, toy drives and bell ringers abound. We want to make a difference this time of year. But there are so many opportunities to be generous. It can be exciting and guilt-provoking at the same time. We can’t do it all. We’re going to have to say “no” to some things. What are the […]

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Our Calling A Marriage Buster?

If we aren’t careful, the pursuit of our calling can mean the end of our marriage. We can find our calling a marriage buster. However, pursuing our calling doesn’t have to include a divorce. A Wedge We should be aware that when we decide to pursue our calling, it will mean changes in the family […]

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25 Life-Changing Gift Ideas

Do you want to make a real difference in someone’s life this Christmas? Consider these gift ideas that have the potential for life-long results. Or, you could support someone else in his or her calling so so he or she can making a difference in the lives of other people. The specifics of these kinds […]

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