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By Federal government of the United States [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

World War 3 Inside of Me

A theme has been emerging in my life lately. I’m getting a consistent message from multiple different sources. People want more of the real me and less of that other guy that I want them to see. Intellectually, I understand. I know it’s just a choice. Yet, I’m still struggling with this. That other guy […]

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First Steps

Are You Stretching Yourself?

A question was asked of me this morning: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” At first I was taken aback. My crazy internal processes kicked in and my thoughts were, “what is she seeing about me that would make her ask this question? How can I make sure she […]

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10 Tips for Achieving Big Goals

Setting and achieving goals is a large part of finding and living our calling. Discovering our purpose seldom falls in our lap and being in a good position to be generous doesn’t happen by accident. Following are some useful tips to help get the job done. We wish you the best in your personal development […]

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Road sign reading "oops"

Being Vulnerable

When we lead, our followers will either follow us or our position. When our followers are only following our position, they don’t follow us after we’ve left the position. They weren’t really following us. To lead from our person rather than our position, people need to be able to trust us. One way we can […]

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Leader: Duck with ducklings

Leader or individual?

In the places we go, do we show up as a leader or individual? A lot of people think leadership is telling people what to do. I’ve found that leadership isn’t so much telling people what to do, but instead, it’s making sure everyone is clear on the direction and that people aren’t getting left […]

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