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TED: Ideas worth spreading

Fill Up On Positive Messages

Our ability to accomplish important things in life is influenced by the messages we let into our minds. Often we don’t fill up on positive messages. We get messages all the time from all kinds of sources: TV radio podcasts and blogs news advertising friends, family, co-workers and others If we don’t make a concerted […]

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Studk in her head: Bored teenager looking depressed, with a grey background

Stuck in our heads

We are stuck in our heads. We spend a lot of our time on our electronics taking in information from Facebook, Twitter, Internet news, product reviews, and the latest jokes being passed around. The nightly news reports on events. Then the analyst comes on explaining all the things that will result from the events. Economists […]

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Mask: Tragedy drama mask from the theater

My False Self

Sometimes I worry that I will be acceptable to other people and so I attempt to present a version of myself that I think others will like. I hide myself and present a false self. Sure parts of me are there – the parts I think you’ll accept and like, but the rest stays hidden. […]

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Love: Holding Hands

Which Will Win: Fear or Love?

Fear Often while we think we’re playing it safe we are just avoiding fear. We are afraid of many things, but at it’s heart we are afraid of losing love and acceptance. For example, we are afraid: to look foolish – we might be shunned of failing – we’ll be labeled a looser of saying […]

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Oops sign

Embrace Failure

Failure sounds like such a bad thing. We have come to see it differently, though. I’m not saying that it’s good that the goal wasn’t achieved. That’s a bummer. However, failure often comes with some additional bonuses, for example: A failed diet can teach us what works and what doesn’t work for us. A failed […]

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Comparing apples and pears

Benefits and Costs of Being Normal

No wonder people want to be “normal.” Most terms that refer to the opposite of “normal” have negative connotations, like “strange,” “weird” and “freak.” But to me and to other like-minded people “normal”has a negative flavor instead. When I hear “normal,”I think“average” or, even worse, “mediocre.” I cringe at the thought of those words being […]

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Applause: People Clapping at a Party

Amazingly Awesome Generosity

The last two times I talked about types of help that are harmful either to the giver or the receiver. This time I am pulling it all together and sharing what amazingly awesome generosity looks like. Amazingly awesome  generosity has the following attributes: It’s given for the right reason. It doesn’t leave us (the giver) in […]

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Giving Gift Card: Hands Passing Gift Card

Help That Harms Us

Last time we talked about help that harms the recipient. Today we will talk about help that harms us, the giver. Sometimes outside influences result in harmful helping, but sometimes we are the culprits. Here are a few indicators that our generosity might be harming ourselves. 1. We feel guilty for not giving When we […]

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Giving a Drunk a Drink

Help That Harms

Sometimes we give help that harms the other person. We think we’re helping, but what we’re doing is more like giving a drunk a drink. We have discovered a cause about which we are passionate, and we want to make a difference, but if we’re not careful, our help can do more harm than good. […]

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