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Save Money, Seriously

Word Play to Separate You from Your Money There seems to be some confusion these days about what it means to “save money.” Over time, retailers have altered a more old-fashioned definition to give the impression that a buyer will be better off financially if they make a certain purchase. Let’s explore some possible definitions. […]

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Infectious Influence

All kinds of things go viral on the internet. It might be  recording of a little boy’s spontaneous motivational speech, a video of a cartoon pop tart cat flying through space or someone’s embarrassing photo. Someone thinks it’s cool and passes it on to a bunch of people. Some of those people think it’s cool […]

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expert: picture of dictionary definition

Who’s the expert of our money?

A lot of times we think that money is too complicated or that we’re just regular folk, so we need to leave our finances to the experts. In other words, when we ask, “Who’s the expert of our money?” we think that it’s someone else. So, we’ll take financial advice from the car salesman, the […]

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Life: crumpled paper with the word, 'life' printed on it.

Alignment in Our Money

I have a problem. My problem is this. I say I value pursuing my calling. I say I value being generous with our time and our money. But if you looked in my bank statements, you might prioritize my values differently than what you get by reading this blog or by talking to me. I […]

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Glass with money bills in it.

Don’t Track Your Money, Plan it.

If we are working to pursue our calling, we might discover that this is pretty difficult when we’re continually strapped for cash and our money is chaotic. So, we might decide that we need to get this beast (our finances) under control. Tracking If we ask the typical CPA what we should do to get […]

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10 Personal Benefits of Blogging

If you want to make a difference in the lives of other people. maybe you should consider writing a blog. Usually people talk about the business benefits of writing a blog. A blog can be very useful for anyone wanting to make a difference–whether in the lives of individuals or in the world. If you’re […]

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Not a Leader

I was in denial. I told my husband, “I’m not a leader.” “Yes you are,” he countered. “Whether you want to be or not, you are a leader.” In retrospect, it was ridiculous for me to deny it. I had been leading all kinds of things for almost 20 years. Whenever there was a lack […]

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12 Ways to De-Stress

Stress management is an important part of having enough energy to find and live our calling. We have seen over and over that when people are really stressed out, they don’t take the steps necessary to make a real difference in the world. They may want to live with purpose and significance, but they fail […]

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