10 Personal Benefits of Blogging

Monkey-typingIf you want to make a difference in the lives of other people. maybe you should consider writing a blog. Usually people talk about the business benefits of writing a blog. A blog can be very useful for anyone wanting to make a difference–whether in the lives of individuals or in the world. If you’re seeking to find and live your calling, check out the following reasons you might want to write a blog.

1. You can process new ideas to understand them better.

Writing about a topic allows you to explore and better understand different aspects and nuances you might have missed before.

2. It’s perfect for learning how to be really focused in your writing.

Rambling doesn’t go over very well in blogs; people are busy and they need the point to be clear and not muddled in unnecessary information.

3. If you plan in advance, you could use it to write the content of an entire book.

The information contained in a blog really adds up over time. If you’re wanting to write a book, you could plan it out so you process through all the information first in a blog. Don’t worry, people still like to get the book so it’s all together and easy to access.

4. The regular deadline fosters discipline.

Whether  you’re wanting to write a book, complete another similar project or just need some structure to your learning and creating, knowing there are people waiting for and watching your blog can motivate you to stay on top of it.

5. It provides incentive to stay current in your field of interest.

If you’re like me, you might get kind of lazy about (or too busy to)  keep up on current research and trends. But if you want to provide more value to your readers,, you’ll need to stay in touch with what’s going on.

6. You can become an expert in your field of interest.

Being an expert can give you a lot more leverage in making that impact you want to make. It’s not vain to want to be an expert. It just means you cared enough about something to make yourself super-knowledgeable about it for the benefit of other people.

7. A lot of people will think your really cool for being a writer and publishing your work.

Okay, that’s not the deepest reason in the world to do a blog, but it is pretty nifty.

8. It’s great mental exercise.

Even if you’re just wanting to stay sharp, a blog can help you do it.

9. Blogging can be a tool of influence.

It’s a way to promote change and achieve your goals of making an impact.

10. You give away useful information that will help other people.

Personally, I think that’s the best reason for doing a blog. It’s really gratifying when someone says to us, “I really never thought of that before” and they make a significant change in their life because of it.


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7 years ago

I second the blogging motion! Makes me more motivated to keep up with my blog. Thank you for sharing this genius blog. 😉

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