A Miracle

Hands holding light representing a miracle.I experienced a miracle last week. I walked to the grocery store to get a few items. It was raining lightly so I was carrying an umbrella. After a while, the wind made the umbrella difficult to manage. so I put it away and pulled the hood of my coat over my head. I was wearing my Bluetooth headset because I was expecting a call. Without realizing it, I think I knocked it out of my ear when I put the hood on.

When I got home from the store, I realized I did not have the headset in my ear anymore. In fact, I had noticed earlier, but I assumed I had put it away before I left the house. Suddenly, I felt panicky. I rely heavily on that headset, especially because I use Voiceover on my iPhone and Voiceover is very, very chatty.

I started thinking about all the calls I use it for for Simply Great Lives and how I had replaced it just a few months ago because I ran the last one through the washing machine. I didn’t want to have to replace it again so quickly.

So I walked out the front door, hoping it might be on the ground by the house. I kept walking and looking. I’m legally blind, but I was trying my hardest to see that tiny little thing.

In fact, I walked up to the entrance of my neighborhood. No luck. I decided to go back, get my coat and cane and purse and retrace my steps to the store.

I walked with my head bowed, straining to see. Whenever I saw something that I thought might have been it, I touched it with my shoe or my cane. If it looked really promising, I bent over and touched it with my fingers. I found lots of tree debris because of the rain and some rocks and trash, too.

It seemed like a real stretch for me to possibly find it, but I had to try. The rain had stopped, so this was my chance.

I had just passed the last house before the grocery store, about a 10-minute walk from my house when I heard a small voice behind me. I couldn’t hear what it said and I couldn’t see the person to know if it was directed at me. So I simply turned around with an expectant look on my face. Then I heard it, “Did you lose a Bluetooth?”

This lady had just pulled up to that house and found my headset on the ground just after I walked by. I was stunned. “Yes, I did.” I walked back to her and she handed it to me.

I felt like I had a run-in with an angel. Really, what’s the likelihood of someone arriving at that house and finding that little tiny thing at the moment I was passing by again–probably an hour after I first dropped it.

I think I’ve seen her car there again since that event. So, maybe she isn’t really an angel, but a person like me. Still, I have to wonder, how God was involved to pull that one off. Really, it seems too much to be a coincidence. Amazingly, the headset still works even though it had gotten a little damp.

As I walked back home with my headset securely in my purse where it belongs, I thanked Jesus. The response I got was a comforting, “I’ve got you. Don’t worry, I’m with you.”

It certainly looks like a miracle to me. And I appreciated God’s reassurance. So, I’m sharing this experience as encouragement for you that God is available if you want Him to be with you, too.


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