The Impact Hour: Seek First to Understand

Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and RenaOn this week’s episode of The Impact Hour we dive into how to really understand other people. Everyone has a deep need to be seen, heard and understood. So when you really make the effort to understand other people, they will really appreciate it and value your relationship highly. Plus, it’s just really great for good communication.

We explored a lot of tips. Click here to listen. For example, as a couple, you can set aside 10 minutes to talk. Set a timer for 5 minutes and one of you gets the full 5 minutes to talk–about whatever you want. And the other person just listens. No interrupting, just listening. Then set the timer again for another 5 minutes and the other one of you gets a turn to talk and be heard without interruption. It’s kind of neat because it’s not necessary to reply. It’s just about listening, which is the first step in understanding.

We suggest many tools and practices to become the kind of person who really seeks to understand. Click here to listen. In fact we even suggested that you pick one or two or three practices to implement going forward. Putting even one new practice in place will be a powerful step toward really understanding people better.



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