Significance Limited or Amplified: the Money Factor

man bouncing on a pogo stick across the lines of a graph.The amount of money a person has makes a huge difference in how much significance he or she is able to achieve. Money opens up a lot of options that would otherwise not be available, e.g.

  • Work just part time or not at all to have more time to focus on other people.
  • Help pay for someone’s education
  • Give $1,000 to an organization like International Justice Mission to free one girl from sex trafficking in Cambodia
  • Create a scholarship fund, a non-profit or a charity foundation
  • Buy a house to be used in a transitional housing program

Not Enough Money for Significance

It’s so sad to see people who hurt themselves because they are generous even though they can’t afford to do be generous. They hurt themselves in the process and further deplete their future giving potential.

Not having money available doesn’t just limit options. It brings a lot of stress with it. Money problems are usually associated with not having enough time or energy.

“That Kind of Giving Is Just Pie in the Sky”

Most people can’t see themselves doing such big things to be significant in other people’s lives. They’re too focused on meeting their own needs. And if people do have enough money for their own needs, our culture encourages them to pursue more and more things or pleasure rather than things of significance.

How to Have More Money for Significant Things

If you find that you can hardly picture yourself giving money to benefit others, start using a monthly written zero-based spending plan. All that means is that you write your income at the top and minus out every item you’ll be putting money toward. Be sure to include the things you’re saving up for, too.

Using a zero-based budget will allow you to make the most of all your incoming money. In fact, it practically feels like getting a raise in pay.


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