A Special Note from Rena

I, Rena, have something very exciting to share with you! I took some time off blogging and some of my other responsibilities in Simply Great Lives to dive deep into my own passion and to create something new. It is an expression of me and my deepest desire to make my unique positive impact.

It is a class called “Be and Connect.” It stems from my desire to wake people up to their impact. I know that most people aren’t walking around thinking to themselves, “Man, I just really need to be more aware of how I’m effecting other people.” However, I know from you all, our blog readers, that there is a deep need for a greater sense of connection. In fact, all of our blogs with the word “connection” in the title have had an exceptional email open rate. So, while Be and Connect does in fact make people aware of their impact on other people, it does so by powerfully equipping people to experience greater connection in their relationships.

Because how you are being with other people determines your connection with them.

I wrote this blog to let you know about this phenomenal achievement for me so you can celebrate with me. Yay!

Furthermore, I created three videos sharing some useful ideas from the class on how to “be”–that is, to show up–differently to start experiencing more connection. If you want these videos, you have to opt in at Click on the link and enter your email address. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. You will receive an email  in which you need to click a link to confirm your email.
  2. Then you will receive your videos, spaced out to give you time to practice what you’ve learned.
  3. You will continue to receive our Simply Great Lives’ blogs, which will soon be reduced to once a week: a blog related to that week’s The Impact Hour radio show and a link to a recording of the show

I hope you will choose to watch the videos because they are designed to help you have more connection in your life and to give you a taste of what the benefit of the class will be. Enjoy!

Again, here is the link to get the three videos:

And if you want more information about the Be and Connect class itself go to

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing this happy day with me! I am thrilled to expand our work in Simply Great Lives to include having more of a positive impact in your life through your relationships!



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