Ten Tips to Get Through Tough Times

stress dictionary definitionNo one likes going through tough times. Sometimes, they are just unavoidable. While we may really want to move forward on finding and living our calling, tough times may require us to slow down our pursuits or even put them on hold. We might need to wait it out.

Following are some ideas on how to handle those tough times when they come.

1. Remember that it’s temporary.

When things are really tough, it can seem like it’s going to last forever. Usually, though, when we ask ourselves if it’ll be the same in 6 months or a year, the answer is “no.” There is hope in knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if we cant’t see it yet.

2. Get some support.

It’s good to talk about what’s going on with you instead of keeping it bottled up inside. It also helps to get some affirmation that your situation would be tough on anyone. Support can come in the form of a group, a friend, counselor, pastor, family member, co-worker, or even an on-line community. Take time and effort to build supportive relationships before tough times hit.

3. Do some writing.

Get out a notebook and pen and put on paper what’s going on. Write about your thoughts and feelings. The time it takes to get the thoughts through the pen to the paper provides a perfect opportunity to process your thoughts. A computer will work, but not as well. Most people type too fast to process their thoughts as much as they do when writing.

4. Find out how other people in your situation handled it.

If you don’t already know someone who went through what you’re going through, maybe you know someone who knows someone. Also, autobiographies and biographies can offer new ideas on how to make it through similar circumstances. Find out what those people did and what attitudes they adopted that helped them through their tough times.

5. Find things to be grateful for.

Maintaining a focus on what’s going well can help bolster mood and hope. It’s important to acknowledge what’s going well as a reminder that not everything is bad. It’s not an attempt to belittle the tough times, but it helps keep things in perspective.

6. Focus on other people,

12 Step programs encourage established members to mentor newer members. They often report that they appreciate taking a break from their own problems to be there for someone else. Truthfully, it just feels good to be a blessing to other people.

7. Take extra good care of yourself.

It’s especially important to take care of your body during tough times. Getting enough (but not too much) sleep, exercise and good nutrition will fortify you for dealing with your problems. It’s a lot harder to handle the extra stress when feeling tired and run-down. It also has the added bonus of giving yourself the positive message that you are valuable.

8. Keep learning and growing.

Soak up useful information by reading books, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, and tuning in to positive talk shows. At a minimum, these activities offer a positive distraction from what’s going on. They also can provide new tips and perspectives on how to get through your tough times.

9. Watch for good things to come from the tough times.

Often good things ultimately come from difficult times. You might as well expect something good will happen as a result of what you are going through. Just being a support for someone going through a similar trial means something good came out of it. When things get better, you may find you’ve glean deep life lessons that would be hard to grasp without having gone through the experience.

10. Take action, if at all possible.

If it’s not feasible to move forward on your bigger goals, perhaps you can prepare yourself and be ready when the time comes to take action. Then it will be easier for you to get going on those bigger goals when the tough times subside. Implementing time management strategies, budgeting, doing regular physical exercise, and engaging in regular spiritual practices are just a few ways we can prepare ourselves for the work that lies ahead. Another option may be to take small, incremental steps toward your bigger goals rather than trying to power through them quickly.

Bonus Tip: Pray.

I’ve found that prayer is very helpful for making it through rough times. Connecting with God through prayer reminds me that He Is always there for me and that He loves me. He likes to hear about what’s going on with me and he wants to be an integral part of my life. Even Jesus used to go off by himself to connect with the Father when he was facing tough times. It gave Him the strength He needed to continue His work and to not give up even in the most difficult circumstances.


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