This Blog is Changing

two directional signs: one says "same" and the other says "change"We are changing this blog a little and want to let you know what to expect. We are going from three emails to two emails per week. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that we send out too many emails. We want to continue providing you plenty of useful information that supports you in making more of a positive impact without overwhelming you… and your inbox.

So, here’s what you can expect:

  • A blog post sent out on Monday morning
  • A description of this week’s The Impact Hour and a link to the show recording sent out on Friday morning
  • Occasional emails with special offers for you that will support you in increasing your positive impact

If you don’t want to receive offers from us for things that are free and paid, you should unsubscribe from this list. We won’t be offended. We can only have so much of a positive impact on you by emailing you free content each week. We love encouraging you to grow and make a difference. We also know that we can serve you more effectively in other ways, so we will let you know about opportunities as they come up. Those offers may be a separate email or may replace Monday’s blog, whichever we feel is best.

We hope you are enjoying The Impact Hour either by clicking the link in Friday’s email, using your favorite podcast app or even listening live. We enjoy diving deep into topics of impact and the radio show gives us a great opportunity to explore things more thoroughly than a blog post.

If you want to give us feedback on the blog or how it’s delivered, you can reply to the email or post. We’re glad to hear from you.

One last thing, we will put some of that time we would have spent blogging toward developing a new class on how you are showing up, how people are experiencing you and how you can change the results you’re getting in relationships and in business/work. We’re very excited about it!

Stay tuned for more useful tools, suggestions and information from Simply Great Lives.Your impact matters!


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