The Impact Hour: Meaningful Connections

Pic of John and Rena and text, "The Impact Hour with John and RenaDo you want to experience more connection with people? In this episode of The Impact Hour, you will learn what you can do to feel deeper, more meaningful and satisfying connections with the people in your life. Click here to listen.

For example, we’ll explore what it means to “hold space” and how to do it. This is a great option when someone else is experiencing a lot of feelings and they want to talk about it. You’ll need to be fully present (which truly is a gift) and not allow yourself to be distracted even by your own thoughts. Then you listen without judgment and without trying to fix the other person or their problem. Since people desire to be seen, heard and understood, you can reflect back what you hear and even name for them what emotions they appear to be feeling. If you’re not sure about the feelings you can make your best guess based on how you’d feel if you were in their situation and then you can ask if that’s what they are feeling.

When you hold space, it’s far more likely that the other person will be willing to listen to you when you want to talk and get support. You model the behavior and meet their needs. It’s not a guarantee of having your needs met, but it’ll become a lot more likely. Sharing deeply is an important part of feeling connected and holding space is just one of the great resources you’ll learn about when you listen to this episode.

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